There’s no any other practice management software for pediatricians that offers enterprise level features, all at one place. We provide a Fermium business operating software for pediatricians with much better & User friendly interface and features. VaxiBuddy is designed to comprehend your daily challenges, streamlines your clinical operations and helps your patients keep record of their vaccination schedule.

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Doctors are often referred to as Demi-God’s. Our offering to you is this completely web-based software. The advantages for using this exciting piece of technology are paperless records, easy to start and use, unmatched features, no third party involvement, etc. to name a few. Your patient’s can access it too! This helps to create a healthy work environment. VaxiBuddy increases your revenue by eliminating non-necessary overhead administrative costs. Completely safe and secure, you can access it from anywhere and at any time. What more, it’s FREE*

Yes, VaxiBuddy is revolutionary software that intends to make a pediatric office completely paperless. It has been created to eradicate paper by offering state-of-the-art electronic functionalities. With VaxiBuddy, it is possible to store electronically all sorts of vital data ranging from vaccine schedule, medical health records, patient’s information, growth charts, inventory in stock and much more. It is an ERP clinical management software that can scan all your paper documents and electronically store it in an easy-to-use interface.

The process to begin with VaxiBuddy is simple. It is web-based software that only requires an internet connection and the user’s unique login ID. Both the doctor and the patient (parents of children) can access their stored medical records and EHR at any time and from anywhere through their login ID. You just have to get yourself registered with the portal, create your unique login ID and wait for the approval from the administration. Once your request is agreed, you can access the software as and when you want.

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